Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 8: Bringing It Home

According to the a information provided by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, a macroscope is a software tool "that helps us focus on patterns in data that are too large or complex to see with the naked eye." Right now, we feel like living macroscopes. We have returned with so much information that it is hard to organize and process it all.

Yet, our CDC visit is helping us pull it all together. When we arrived, a group of teenagers was just ahead of us taking a tour. Just listening as their guide taught them about diseases gave us ideas for future lessons. We watched the students complete scavenger hunts, conduct problem solving activities, and participate in group discussions.

I need to admit something at this point. When we first put the CDC on our schedule, I wasn't exactly thrilled. It just didn't seem as applicable as the other sites to my subject area. Guess what? They had displays on disease art and disease related mythology that were fascinating. For the history teacher in the group, they had displays relating to immigration and they had timelines showing the CDC's impact on our society. They had displays about food, clean water, and sexually transmitted diseases. They even had a display on biowarfare.
This grouping of ceramics is called Bacteria Diatoms and Cells and is by Eva Kwong.

This is a figure of Shitala Mata, the Hindu goddess of smallpox.

Speaking of biowarfare, did you know that the Mongols catapulted plague infected bodies over the walls of Caffa? Talk about relevant information for our unit! We also found this little display at the CDC (see below). Not only does it discuss the Black Death, it also reiterates what David Short taught us in Ashwell. How cool is that?!

Our last stop on our journey was the perfect location to help us transition from fact finding to planning. Are we finished with our travels? Yes. Are we finished with our unit? No. We are far from being finished. We still have to collaborate on when and how we are going to teach this; however, everything is coming into focus. We are ready to bring it home.

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  1. How exciting to hear your assignment has come full circle! What an adventure to share and some powerful content to bring into your classrooms! I am sure our students will find all of it fascinating since you can honestly say you actually walked through where many lived and died from the Black Death....Thank you! Enjoyed reading your blog immensely!